The story of Emmaus Medical



Endari was born with decades of
dedicated research by the Emmaus team.


The efforts of the Emmaus team started when a young doctor saw terrible pain episodes and complications among sickle cell patients in the hospital ward.


These patients were suffering pain and organ failures.
Some of them were as young as 6 months old.


In the early 1990’s, there was no disease modifying treatment for sickle cell disease.


Dr. Zerez and Dr. Niihara gathered up what were known at the time regarding sickle cell disease and started applying the knowledge in their laboratory to develop a treatment that prevents complications of sickle cell disease.


With the support of NIH, FDA and LA Biomed, proof of concept was realized that a product that would be known later as “Endari” can prevent complications of sickle cell disease.


Unsuccessful in getting the idea to be taken up by established pharmaceutical companies, Emmaus Life Science Inc. was formed in early 2000’s to pursue development of the medication on its own.


With guidance of FDA, investments by committed investors (over 500 of them) and support of LA Biomed, Endari went through successful phase 1, 2 and 3 studies. Eventually, it was approved by the FDA in July 2017 for preventing complications of sickle cell disease.


The founders of Emmaus believe that there was guidance from the Above to achieve this. Endari happened to be only the 2nd treatment ever for adult sickle cell disease patients and the first for the pediatric sickle cell disease patients.